Stonepress Publishers

Starting Out

Stonepress began after a discussion with a successful writer at a car boot sale. A story was written and it took eighteen months to find a local illustrator to complement the effort. The first in a series of Childrens Norsewood troll books emerged. The first printing sold within weeks. Since this first effort we have published four in the childrens troll series, The Feijoa Recipe book and currently have another book under construction!

Our original logo

The logo depicts a scandiwheel, troll and woodpigeon representing the past, present and future respectively. The scandiwheel was designed and used locally by the first Scandinavian immigrants. The troll is also unique in that Norsewood is now regarded as the Troll capital of the Southern hemisphere. The woodpigeon depicts a positive outlook for the future: many people have planted trees and look for ways to attract the tui, bellbird and now the occasional woodpigeon. This large native bird is the only bird left in the area able to disperse the larger native tree seeds. It is beautifully coloured and noisy in flight.

Community Support

Stonepress has been able to support local efforts over the years. We have been proud to support a local Tu Tangata school Programme, enabled a local person to represent the region on a trip to Italy with the 28th Maori Battalion, supported the display of whale Bones to the public, sponsored attendance at a National Mentoring Conference and provided items for numerous community fundraising efforts or raffles over the years. We have tried to use local skills wherever possible.

About Us

We are a family-run home-based business.  Mike is a retired school teacher with a keen interest in New Zealand natural history as well as local history.    Lee-Anne is self-employed and home-based mum who runs the administration, website and sales and who is also an artist.  

If you have any feedback about this site or any of the books we would be delighted to hear from you.


Contact Details

Mike and Lee-Anne Stone

9 Sandstrom Grove

Feilding      4702

New Zealand

Phone +6 323 2825

email sales@stonepress