Feijoa Recipe Book

The Feijoa Recipe Book

Looking for Feijoa recipes? The third re-printing of The Feijoa Recipe Book is available.


The Feijoa Recipe Book is the world's first full colour professional cookbook,

dedicated to feijoas. There are 41 feijoa recipes including 9 new savoury

dishes, 9 muffin and cake recipes, 19 delicious feijoa desserts and 4 sweet treats.

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Feedback from Customers

You are a gem!  I received the book and I am so excited to try some new ideas.  I spent the entire day yesterday peeling and chopping and I still have tons more to prepare for the freezer.  I just don't have it in me to throw away one piece of fruit, unless it's bruised of course... Thank you again for the freezer tip.  Best Regards and Warm Blessings.... Kim


Author's note
I must admit that, when I was first asked to write this book, I was apprehensive. A whole book on feijoas!
Once I began the feeling changed. I was pleased, for example, to find an affinity between feijoas and pork. This enabled me to include a short savoury section, something I had not considered at first.

The recipes come from a variety of sources; some are developed from scratch in my own kitchen, others are adapted from existing recipes and others still are taken directly from other cooks and writers.

Where a recipe is taken directly from another cook or writer, I have acknowledged my source. Acknowledgment is more difficult for the adapted recipes as I have either changed them dramatically from the original, or the original was taken from many years worth of hand-written notes, the source of which were not recorded.

The Author, Wyn Drabble 

  1980s During the 1980s Wyn ran his own catering business in Sydney, Australia (preparing meals for, among others, Bob Hawke, John Howard, international manager of Verve Clicquot). Wyn was a regular demonstrator at Accoutrement Cooking School, Sydney, and has been runner-up in the Sydney Morning Herald Pork Promotion Recipe Competition.

1984 Wyn featured in lead stories in Vogue Entertaining, Belle Entertaining, Mode and Epicurean.

1990s  Food writer/Caterer/Teacher at Havelock North, Hawke's Bay (prepared meals for, among others, Dame Kiri te Kanawa, Dr Tony O'Reilly). Weekly food columnist in Hawke's Bay Herald Tribune* July 1989 to present day. Fortnightly "Cuisine" spot on ZB Talkback Hawke's Bay since

 1997. Regular contributor to Cuisine magazine


The Photographer, Bruce Jenkins

  Bruce Jenkins is a professional photographer in New Zealand's art deco city, Napier. He specialises in commercial photography and also runs a stock photography agency. He has previously worked with Wyn Drabble on a number of features for New Zealand's highly regarded Cuisine magazine. 


 The Review

 Review from Cuisine Information for Libraries

'.....you'll find savoury feijoa dishes, feijoa muffins, and cakes, feijoa desserts , and feijoa sweet treats. The former owner of a catering business in Sydney, author Wyn Drabble returned to New Zealand a decade ago. He now works as a caterer, teacher and food writer, scribing for Cuisine on occasions. He is based in Hawke's Bay, the country's fruitbowl, where feijoas are prolific, so he knows what he's talking about."

 Cuisine (New Zealand's leading food, wine and good living magazine), Issue 80 May 2000



ISBN 0-9582115-3-1

Published Nov. 1999   Reprinted 2010 and 2015

Size is A5 with spine in PB

RRP $21.95

40 Recipes

8 full colour illustrations

The Children's Troll Books


These delightful picture books feature very human characters that have adventures and experiences children can identify with.  They feature a friendly Scandinavian troll Olaf, who lives in the troll capital of the southern hemisphere, Norsewood.  The books have featured twice on television and are popular around New Zealand and overseas.


The Lonely Troll

This books first print sold out in weeks and introduces Olaf as a lonely but friendly troll.  Trolls are the children of nature unkempt and weather beaten.  Every troll has a tail that looks like that of an animal.  Olaf meets a friend in a little girl called Tui.  An Auckland teacher uses this book to start the school year to create a class climate where everyone has a sense of belonging.  The theme of the story:  it doesn’t matter what you look like, you can still be a friend.    Purchase  this book by  sending us an email.


The Troll's New Jersey


One of the central characters Tui, is helping Olaf .  This effort also involves the assistance of the internationally recognised and local knitwear factory Norsewear.  This story illustrates significant and actual locations around the Norsewood village. The cover of the book features the two main characters and also the image of a student who impressed the author and illustrator with her questions during a classroom visit.  The theme of the story is: a trouble shared is a trouble halved.



The Troll and the Taniwha

This story is about a school holiday pastime common to many New Zealand children – spending time in a local creek.  A taniwha persuades Olaf that learning to swim is important.  Local kaumatua from the community were involved to ensure the taniwha form and behaviour were appropriate.  The book is an effort to celebrate aspects of both Scandinavian and Maori culture.  The theme of this story is;  don’t assume because a person is disabled they can’t do something.  Everyone should learn to swim.  



The Troll and the Huia

 This story highlights the importance of preserving and conserving our native wildlife and the importance of calling in the professionals to help if necessary.  The main characters find a strange bird in a hidden valley in the Ruahine Ranges.  The Huia bird once common in the Norsewood and Dannevirke area is thought to be extinct, but this story has a more optimistic outlook.

A portion of the proceeds of this book goes to Pukaha Mount Bruce forst restoration project (see links page).



 Reviews of the Books

These three illustrated books link aspects of Scandinavian , New Zealand and Maori Culture by bringing together the idea of a troll living in the New Zealand town of Norsewood, which was settled by Scandinavian people in 1872 and the Taniwha which has its origins in Maori Legends.

Each story is complete in itself , but all three of them reflect the development of the maori character , Olaf the troll, from one who is lonely and insecure to one who is able to make friends and take pride in his own achievements."

 The Journal of the Children's Book Council of Australia Vol.44 No1. Feb. 2000


" this is more that just a moving little story. It embodies some truths which are very important to all of us --some of which are especially dear to those of us with disabilities. But I am not going to spoil it for you by telling you what these are. To find out, you will need to buy this book for your children , grandchildren, nieces and nephews, your friend's children --or the kids down the street--and read it for yourselves."

(The Lonely Troll) Disinformation (Palmerston North) July 1997.

The Author

Lyn McConchie is from Norsewood, who writes in a range of genres: science fiction, fantasy, horror, humour, and mystery. Lyn became a professional writer in 1991. She has had a vast number of short stories published in at least six countries. Several books are being translated and republished in other languages. One of her books was in the top 10 fantasy books written for teenages in 1995. She has won numerous awards including NZ’s Sir Julius Vogel Best SF/F novel 2002. Australian SF Foundation’s Best Short Fiction and amongst others the (International) Cat Writers Award - winning five times.

The Illustrator

Judith belongs to the Dannevirke Art Society and exhibits locally. She enjoys doing caricatures, portraits, vehicles, and animals and uses a variety of mediums including acrylic, pen work and watercolour. Born and bred locally Judith is married with one daughter and cat

Starting Out

Stonepress began after a discussion with a successful writer at a car boot sale. A story was written and it took eighteen months to find a local illustrator to complement the effort. The first in a series of Childrens Norsewood troll books emerged. The first printing sold within weeks. Since this first effort we have published four in the childrens troll series, The Feijoa Recipe book and currently have another book under construction!

Our original logo

The logo depicts a scandiwheel, troll and woodpigeon representing the past, present and future respectively. The scandiwheel was designed and used locally by the first Scandinavian immigrants. The troll is also unique in that Norsewood is now regarded as the Troll capital of the Southern hemisphere. The woodpigeon depicts a positive outlook for the future: many people have planted trees and look for ways to attract the tui, bellbird and now the occasional woodpigeon. This large native bird is the only bird left in the area able to disperse the larger native tree seeds. It is beautifully coloured and noisy in flight.

Community Support

Stonepress has been able to support local efforts over the years. We have been proud to support a local Tu Tangata school Programme, enabled a local person to represent the region on a trip to Italy with the 28th Maori Battalion, supported the display of whale Bones to the public, sponsored attendance at a National Mentoring Conference and provided items for numerous community fundraising efforts or raffles over the years. We have tried to use local skills wherever possible.

About Us

We are a family-run home-based business.  Mike is a retired school teacher with a keen interest in New Zealand natural history as well as local history.    Lee-Anne is self-employed and home-based mum who runs the administration, website and sales and who is also an artist.  

If you have any feedback about this site or any of the books we would be delighted to hear from you.